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Discover the Best Leaf Vacuum: Ultimate Comparison Guide

Are you responsible for maintaining an outdoor area maybe a small lawn, patio or decking area. If you find the task of clearing leaves and other debris tiresome especially during the fall there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the leaf vacuum. They are a great addition to any tool shed arsenal. We all have our personal preferences on what makes a good garden vacuum, but you always want the absolute best blower possible, and so we’re here to help.

What is a Leaf Vacuum?

The vacuums purpose is quite clear to make tidying your garden both quick and easy without it becoming a chore. Most blower models are available with multi-functionality offering vacuum, blowing and shredding functions.

The Garden vacuums will come in various shapes and sizes and will make quick work of sucking up those stubborn leaves in all seasons giving you a great clear view of your outdoor area. With all the vacuums on the market there are loads of options but common among all the collectors is that they are designed in such a way that they will not vacuum up either soil or pebbles. This functionality is a real draw if you want to show your flower beds in their full glory.

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 How To Find a Vacuum That Meets Your Needs

Below you will find a list of the best leaf vacuums on the market today.  Don’t start salivating just yet, lets take a look at what’s on this guide.  Overall, rather than taking someones advice on YouTube about what the best leaf vacuum is, look at the options and criteria to help you make the appropriate buying decision.

Toro 51609 Ultra Blower Vacuum

Toro 51609 Ultra Blower Vacuum comes with a metal impeller. The vacuum offers 3 in 1 functionality. If you are bored of raking up all the leaves in the fall then the Toro will make yard work fun.  Toro 51609 ultra electric blower

With the unit generating air speeds of up to 235 mph it will easily move mounds of leaves and garden debris.

Toro 51702 Cordless Blower

Are you fed up of those heavy weight cordless blowers then stop what you are doing and check out the Toro 51702 Cordless Blower.Toro 51702 Cordless 24 Volt BlowerThe unit is super lightweight at just 4 pounds. And with a variable 2-speed air control that gives excellent control for any job.

Weed Eater WEB160

The Weed Eater WEB160  is powered by a 7.5Amp electric blower. It is perfect for clearing sidewalks, driveways and clearing up grass clipping

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What to consider when buying a Leaf Vacuum?

Before parting with any money you will need to consider an number of points that will affect you choosing the correct vacuum for your

One of the most important considerations is what type of outdoor area are you clearing, is it a large open space or a small garden will loads of flower borders

Another consideration is the weight of the vacuum; since many models will be portable you may need to lift the vac for a sustained period of time so you need to ensure you will be capable of lifting the weight. If you think that you will strain your back and arms then ensure you pick a model that comes with a shoulder strap, the strap will help in reducing your fatigue.

The size of the outdoor area will affect the type of blower you will suit your needs, if you have a huge garden then you may want a tow behind/wheeled leaf vacuum.

The greatest consideration will often be the cost of the vacuum. If money is no option then you may consider purchasing single function models from reputable manufacturers whilst if money is a problem then you will find the best deals are found by purchasing multi-functioned vacs that include blower, shredder and vacuuming functions.

The level of noise you are comfortable with since you may not be comfortable with a loud vac as well as having potential disputes with neighbors.

Some people love buying a specific tool to do a specific job since they feel it will do the job the best. However if you lack storage space you may be inclined to get a model that offers dual functionality.

The power of the leaf vacuum will affect the speed at which you can complete a task but more power will often increase the amount of noise and the cost of the blower.

Should you pick a corded electric blower choose a model that has a sufficiently length of mains cable so that you can reach all the corners of your garden.

Outdoor Area Size and Leaf Vacuums

Small Outdoor Areas

I would class a small garden as an area no bigger than 20 square metres. With an area this small it should be possible to clear leaves and debris with a handheld electric blower/vacuum. If you do pick an electric model with a cable ensure the cable is of adequate length to reach all corners of the outdoor area.

Large Outdoor Areas

The larger the outdoor are the greater the power you will need to clear the debris. The best suited vacs for this job are petrol leaf vacuums. They are portable, offer great power but can be noisier than their electric counterparts. There are numerous models to choose from but I would recommend a backpack model as the weight from the blower will be transferred to your back reducing fatigue.

Big Open Outdoor Areas

If you are lucky to have a big open area to look after then walking around with a portable blower will be a tough task. You would be better served by choosing a wheeled leaf vacuum/blower. They will make quick and easy work of big gardens and patio areas. And they often will come with substantial collection bags between 50 and 100 gallons.

Different Types of Leaf Vacuums and Blowers

Portable Handheld Electric Leaf Blowers

If a corded electric blower does not reach the nooks and crannies of your garden then you may pick the handheld mode. These are the quietest blowers so you will not be disturbing your neighbours. They are lightweight so should not strain you back. The portability suits the vac being used in small gardens and can comfortably clear areas using a jet of air. Operating such a blower is simple they generally have an on/off button. Like all portable equipment the model will only be as good as it battery. Most blowers will come with a lithium ion battery offering between 6 to 10 hours of use, but at high speeds the battery will need recharging at more frequent intervals.

Features to look out for in a handheld leaf Vacuum

  • Check out the battery, try to go for a model with a lithium ion battery since it will provide both more power and a longer runtime
  • Look out for what accessories come with the vac, ensure it comes with a narrow nozzle attachment so that you can clear leaves from all nooks and crannies

Corded Electric Leaf Vacuum

If you want more power than a cordless blower but do not want excess noise associated with a petrol blower then you could consider the corded Electric Leaf Vacuum. Like their cordless counterparts these models will operate quietly. Being corded they will not need to be rechardeg between tasks, so you can get a job completed in one go.

Features to look out for in a Corded Electric Leaf Vacuum

  • Ensure the length of cable is appropriate to the size of the garden.
  • You must have an adequately positioned power point to plug the blower into.
  • You may need to invest in some ear defenders.

Gas/Petrol Leaf blowers

If you have a large garden you may want to invest in a petrol blower. They can generate greater air flow then electric models some upwards of 350 cubic feet per minute. This air flow will make easy work of clearing the area. However due to the nature of the machine it will be noisy. Another consequence of the motor and fuel is that the weight of the blower will be greater than an equivalent electric vacuum.

Features to look out for in a petrol leaf blower

  • Look out for an ‘easy start’ model since they are much easier to get going than other petrol leaf blowers.
  • A variable speed blower will help you to keep control of the leaves.
  • Check that the model comes with a shoulder strap or harness to help reduce fatigue.
  • Ear-defenders and goggles are a must.
  • Consider a backpack petrol blower since the weight will be concentrated on the users back, reducing fatigue.

Wheeled/Push Leaf Vacuums

If you have a very large outdoor area then the corded blower will not have a long enough cable and the weight of the petrol vacuum will lead to certain fatigue. The best option in such a scenario is to pick wheeled machines that are supplied with large collection boxes. This makes the job of gathering leaves and other debris from large areas, quick and easy. These machines can either be towed behind or pushed like a traditional indoor vacuum. These tend to be the more expensive blowers.

Features to look out for in a Wheeled/Push Leaf Vacuums

  • Size of the collector box
  • Does the model offer multi-functioned operation including vacuuming and blowing.

Multi-Function Vacuums and Blowers

To save time and if space is at a premium you may want to invest in a multi-function blower/vacuum. These models will allow the collected material to be shredded into fine material. The shredding will allow for more for more waste to be collected in the same storage bag and the waste will be ready for composting. Depending on the type of vac you buy it can be as simple as flicking a switch to change the models function.


If you are keen at keeping your garden at its best then you may want to invest in a leaf vacuum to enable making tidying your garden both quick and easy. There is a huge array of leaf blowers and vacuums on the market so use the information to pick the best blower for you.

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