Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum Review

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum Review

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

If you are like me then you are probably sick of cleaning tough to reach grass clippings after you have mowed your lawn. And hate the task of clearing leaves and other debris from my immaculate driveway and patio. If you want to make cleaning up a breeze then have you should consider the Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum as the solution.


tickLarge 5-blade impeller

tickVariable height adjustment for hard surface or turf work

tick190 cc Briggs motor

tickBreathable hard bottom mesh turf bag

This unit will make tiresome tasks enjoyable and make clean-up a snap. New units feature a super 5 blade impeller with serrated teeth that will turn garden waste into fine mulch maximizing debris reduction.

5-Blade Serrated Impeller
          Billy Goat 5-Blade Serrated Impeller

The powerful Briggs Stratton 190cc engine allows this unit to produce suction of up to 1700 CFM at 3550 RPM. With this amount of power it can pick up all sorts of debris no matter the season; spring, summer, winter and autumn.

You could use the vacuum to clean out your garage, instead of having dirt blown around when using a brush. It can also be used as the tool of choice to keep your pool free from debris.

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

The intake on the unit is fully adjustable allowing you to setup the vacuum to target different types of debris and surfaces. You can open the intake to allow it to suck up leaves that are up to 5 inches deep. When it comes to dealing with heavier debris you can simply close down the intake so it can suck it up with ease.

This unit is not a ride on vacuum so is hand-propelled. Being able to push it yourself ensures you have greater control. If your garden has a mix of surfaces including hard or turfed areas the large wheels should allow you to maneuver the unit with ease. You can pick between the walk behind model and a self propelled unit. The self propelled unit will come with a variable speed transmission to help deal with uneven terrain/surfaces with a user sweating.

Billy Goat Leaf Vacuum

This unit comes with an impressive 40 gallon hard-bottomed turf bag. The mesh turf bag is breathable. It also does away with traditional zippers and instead uses marine style clasps for ease of use and longevity. Removing, emptying and reinstalling the bag takes literally minutes.

Multi Vac Felt Bag Kit
    Bill Goat Multi Vac Felt Bag Kit


This is a fairly expensive unit so there is always an option to get it on hire/rent it from a rental store. If you might only occasionally use this unit then this is probably a good option.

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User Reviews

Here is a user review from

“So, I have been eyeing this machine for the past year or two and always decided not to buy it due to lack of reviews. I found a great deal on a slightly used KV600, so I picked it up two weeks ago and got straight to work on the 3ft deep layer of leaves in my backyard.

This unit has more than met my expectations. It can quickly and easily handle tons of leaves, twigs, trash, acorns, and stray mulch. It is not amazingly fast, but it is infinetly faster than a rake.

After about an hour, I had cleaned up half of my backyard, a task that would have taken me 4 or 5 hours by hand. Not only that, but the KV600 has a mulching impeller, so the leaves are chopped/shredded and take up much less space. The bag I received is the upgraded version with nautical clasps instead of a zipper. It works easily and efficiently. The bag fills up every 3-5 minutes, but removing the bag, emptying, and reinstalling it can take less than 2 minutes.”

Jason W, Amazon Customer Review


  • Powerful Briggs and Stratton 625 Series motor
  • Can deal with debris other then leaves including glass, cans and bottles.
  • Composite housing makes the unit lightweight and maneuverable.
  • The large wheels make light work of hilly terrain.


The Billy Goat Leaf vacuum is a well engineered machine capable of great performance. Whether you opt for the walk behind model or the self propelled model you can’t do much better.

All Billy Goat Vacuums come with a standard Manufacturer’s warranty, so why wait before getting a new lawn vacuum.

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  • Engine Type: 190cc Briggs and Stratton 625 Series
  • Starting Type: Recoil start
  • Impeller: 5-bladed 1/4″ steel
  • Bag capacity: 40 gallons
  • Drive system: Push
  • Height Adjustment: Variable
  • Weight: 112 lbs

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