Black & Decker LH4500 Leaf Hog Blower Review

Black & Decker LH4500 Leaf Hog Blower Review

Black & Decker Leaf Hog Electric Blower

Key Features

tickThe unit offer 3-1functionality; this includes blower, vacuum, and mulching

tickWith a 240 MPH blow speed and 385 CFM air volume will deal with wet piles of leaves

tickVariable speed gives you more control around garden beds

tickQuiet due to electric motor

tickLight weight reducing the fatigue associated with heavier competitors

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The Black & Decker Leaf Hog Electric Blower adds flexibility and power to your power tool collection. As a blower, the Leaf Hog can produce as much as 240-mph air speed to clear tangled leaves.

The leaf hog blower is supplied with a shoulder strap that adds further support whilst handling the unit. The vacuum only weighs at just 8.1 pounds making it very light. Light weight enables almost any individual to work with the blower for extended periods.

The Leaf Hog features a dual-speed switch to reduce air flow when working around delicate flower beds and garden furniture. The LH4500 Hogs internal mulching mechanism grinds almost everything down, compressing as much as 16 bags of green waste down to 1 bag. The collection bag detaches very easily and can be emptied onto a compost piles. The device comes with an electric motor that will significantly reduce the roar that’s most petrol power blowers are associated with.


  • Most customers recommend the leaf hog, it mulches leaves very effectively allowing better composting.
  • The metal impeller is a definitely a huge improvement over the older plastic ones that tended easily break off.
  • The blower is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.
  • The function of the can be switched simply between blower and vacuum function.
  • One of the greatest features in the price of the blower, it is very inexpensive.


Some customers found that the waste collection bag is of built very poorly. And although the unit is lightweight it can vibrate during operation.

Black & Decker LH4500 Impeller

Customer Reviews

Most customers have considered buying the LH4500 primarily to help turn leaves into leaf mulch, which it does that quite well. It is really powerful and has no problem sucking up and munching both leaves and twigs.

Bought this leaf blower to replace a B&D that went up in smoke the second time it was used. I was a bit apprehensive in my decision to buy another B&D, but it was on sale and with the warranty I felt comfortable. Boy did I do the right thing! This thing really blows the leaves and vacuums them up really well. It even destroys small twigs in the process. I recommend this product to those who want a blower / vac that is powerful and appears to be designed well.

J Ferguson, Amazon Customer Review

For many years I have longed for and dreaded fall, having had two different homes with heavily-leaved trees. I finally found the cure. Out of the box and working in 5 minutes and reduced hours and hours of raking and bagging to 45 minutes of vacuuming and dumping leaves, pine needles, twigs, and one unfortunate dog toy (soft, mind you). I design products professionally and this one has met my high standards so far. I certainly hope to get many years of use out of it.

Phillip Hunter, Amazon Customer Review

You still have to rake the nooks and crannies, and loosen any stuck leaves, but let me tell you, since I was a kid, I used to have to spend my fall days raking leaves with 3 big live oaks in the front yard and more in the backyard. The convenience of not having to stoop down and bag those leaves, then haul them to where they need to go – makes this thing great. It does reduce the amount of leaves, as they are finely mulched. Also outstanding for cleaning plant beds. A little cumbersome with the cord and emptying the bag…but well worth the money…buy it!

D Landry, Amazon Customer Review

The Black & Decker LH4500 Blower has been reviewed by 226 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


Many customers that have purchased the Black & Decker LH4500 Blower are impressed by the cost and functionality that the unit offers. Its 16 to 1 reduction ratio is another plus feature.

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