Flowtron Leaf Shredder

Flowtron Leaf Shredder Review

flowtron leaf Shredder

Key Features

tickLightweight at just 17 pounds

Stickhredding adjustments from coarse to fine–up to 30:1 particle size-reduction.

tickTwo-Step Process Shreds and Mulches

tickPatented Design and Powerful Motor Shred Debris Fast

tickQuick and Easy Assembly Right Out of the Box

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If you want to quickly recycle your garden/yard green waste into vitamin-rich mulch that cane used as great plant compost or to allow easy disposal then consider the Flowtron Leaf Shredder. The shredder is powered by a household electric supply, so will not be too loud or release dangerous gases if it were gas powered. The Flowtron offers different positions for the various types of garden waste from leaves, grass and pine needles.

If you are worried about the trash bags taking space in your yard then don’t worry the shredder will helpfully reduce up to 11 bags of garden leaves into a single bag. This will be a great time saver and will help make your yard look great.

The core system will use a two-step process that starts with shredding the leaves and then mulches them for fast both clean-up and maximum garden waste reduction. All you will need to do is keep feeding handfuls of leaves into the hopper and watch the magic happen.

Many people are turning away from burning their yard leaves especially of the property has not been raked in quite a while. Save yourself some money and help the environment consider the Flowtron Leaf Shredder for all your garden mulching tasks.

Flowtron LE-900 Electric Leaf ShredderCustomer Reviews

Very impressed. Easy to set up and works well on a variety of garden wastes. It digested 180+ petunia plants including root balls, woody stem yellow bell cuttings and lantana cuttings. Since all these cuttings were green, I used the largest “green”setting at first but quickly adjusted downward to the medium size level. The machine had to be stopped occasionally to clean out some build up. The cutting strings are still in good shape after an hour of mulching. My rotary composter is working wonderfully on the mulched product.

Richard J Monro, Amazon Customer Review

I bought the Flowtron specifically to supply the small pieces of straw needed for the mud plasters and a mud floor in our straw bale home – the straw helps bind and strengthen the mix. A third of a straw bale was taken care of in less than ten minutes and the results were fantastic, saving me hours of cutting by hand.

For any natural builders out there, I highly recommend this machine. Was it hard to put together? Well, after reading the other reviews and glancing at the instructions – which were well meaning and unclear – I just looked at the thing and did what seemed obvious. Trust your own brain, consult the instructions lightly and you’ll have no problem.

S Walker, Amazon Customer Review

Great leaf grinder. Think weed whip with a hopper. It’s American made with available parts. My mom has had one with a Craftsman label for 25 years and it’s still running well. Comparing the two side by side, I can only see a different connector (improvement – now metal vs. plastic) to tie the two halves of the tube base.

Kel C, Amazon Customer Review

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The Flowtron LE-900 Leaf Shredder is easy to set up and really grinds leaves effortlessly. There is plenty of power at your fingertips and it handles small twigs well that are inevitability mixed in with the leaves.

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