Leaf Loader 2451027 Lawn Clean-Up Tool

Leaf Loader 2451027 Lawn Clean-Up Tool Review

Leaf Loader

Key Features

tickYard Clean Up In Half The Time

tickSuper Stuff Cans Or Bags In Under A Minute

tickEliminates Raking And Picking Up Piles

tickNo More Bending Dragging Or Scooping

tickFolds Flat In Seconds For Easy Storage

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Raking leaves and then bagging them is one of the many chores gardeners dread. It can take an age to collect all the leaves but you could easily solve the problem by considering the Leaf Loader. Many users are surprised by how useful the product is in reducing time to complete this arduous chore.

The loader almost reduces the need for a garden rake as it will easily pick up leaves in a fraction of the time when using a rake. The 4 foot mouth of the funnel will easily deal with even the biggest of yard clean-ups.

If you have a bad back and avoid cleaning your yard then the leaf loader is ideal for eliminating the need for bending, dragging and scooping. If you’re worried about storing the device then don’t be, it will simply fold flat allowing for easy storage in the off season.

The durable and waterproof material used to construct the loader will leave you with the tool for years of yard cleaning fun. So if you have had a enough of raking your leaves then check out the Leaf Loader.

Leaf Loader 2451027 Lawn Clean-Up ToolCustomer Reviews

Raking leaves and bagging them is one of my most dreaded fall chores. This product took me by surprise. From reading the other reviews I expected it would assist, but I was totally surprised to find how easy, and how much faster it made our fall leaf chores this season. It’s simple, and extremely effective. The only disappointment I have is that I didn’t find this years ago. I’d highly recommend it!

Adam Jones, Amazon Customer Review

I dislocated my shoulder a month ago and still have the yads to accomplish this leaf loader has helped me master this work. It is so much easier than lifting a pic rake up and down to load the leaves in. Simple I put it into my can drop the can to ground level where each pile was and raked it in. Picking it up was easy also. I love this item and would buy it again when it wears out. But so far not any signs of wear.

Linda Golden, Amazon Customer Review

I have nine large oak trees in my yard that drop about 60 large trash bags of leaves every spring. I have always dreaded having to bend over and pick up the leaves with a large dust pan after I get them in a pile. I purchased the leaf loader after I watched the video and I am so glad I did.

Yesterday I picked up 15 large bags of leaves in 30 minutes! If you have a lot of leaves you have to pick up and move – this is your product! This product has truely changed my outlook on the large job of bagging my oak leaves. My neighbors were curious and then envious when they saw how good it worked! Worth EVERY penny for my sore back.

Randall Hare, Amazon Customer Review

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