MidWest gloves and gear 45TA lawn claws leaf scoops

MidWest Gloves and Gear 45TA Leaf Scoops Review

MidWest Gloves and Gear 45TA lawn claws leaf scoops

Key Features

tickAdjustable Elastic Handle Straps for Easy Grip

tickNon Rusting, Wipe Clean or Hose Off Surface

tickEasy Hang Storage, Long Lasting

tickGreat for Picking up or Spreading

tickGreat for the Every Day or Professional Gardener

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Most homeowners are fed up with the tedious task of picking leaves from their yard or spreading mulch around the lawn and flower beds. Consider the MidWest lawn claws leaf scoops to speed this tedious task

The lawn claws are perfect for any homeowner with a yard and would suit a professional gardener. The leaf claws are made from a non-rusting material, can be wiped clean or hosed off.

They are great for storage and can last a lifetime. Perfect for picking up leaves and spreading mulch. The leaf scoops come with adjustable straps that will easily offer adjustable grip. The lawn claws are produced by MidWEst Gloves and Gear, they weigh roughly 1 pound.


  • By using the claws you will not have to bend down so far when picking up leaves thereby reducing the stress on you back, specially great for seniors.
  • You will be able to pick up almost 3 to 4 times the amount of leaves then by just using purely gloved hands.
  • The leaf claws are great at picking up needles from pine trees, so are a must for any homeowner with pine trees. Many users have sworn by the leaf claws to pick up ‘bad’ apples that drop from apple trees.
  • There are no moving parts to the leaf scoops so you will not expect a mechanical breakdown.
  • The handles are constructed from elastic with Velcro.so are extremely reliable and long lasting.

Midwest gloves and gear 45TA lawn claws Customer Reviews

This is the second pair of these I own. I purchased the first several years ago and my husband and I decided that a second pair would help us work more efficiently. They are amazing for scooping large piles of leaves and lawn debris. Don’t know what we would do without them!”

JBW, Amazon Customer Reviews

Where has this product been all my life? I’ve been bagging leaves for the last 25 years, ever since my mean parents decided I was old enough to do “chores”. A neighbor saw me filling up bags and came over to lend me her pair and it tripled my speed. Worked well on wet leaves as well. That night I went online and was delighted to see that I too could be the owner of this fantastic tool at a very reasonable price. Almost looking forward to next year’s leaves, but not really.

J Phillips, Amazon Customer Reviews

Wonderful tool to use and it really helps in picking up the leaves after they have been raked into piles. Makes it easy to bag them for pickup. For years I struggled with tarps, using two rakes (to pick up the leaves)and trying to rake them directly into the bags. . .finally help has arrived. Whoever invented them ( I wish I did!) deserves a pat on the back! I’m sure they would be a great help to load a mulcher.

Thomas, Amazon Customer Reviews

The Midwest gloves and gear 45TA lawn claws has been reviewed by 297 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


If you want to pick up your leaves quickly then the Midwest gloves and gear 45TA, lawn claws leaf scoops is an ideal solution for picking leaves up quickly.