Toro 51599 Ultra Vacuum Review

Toro 51599 Ultra 12 amp Blower Review

Toro 51609 ultra electric blower

Key Features

 tickThe unit offers 3-in-1 functionality including a blower, vacuum, and leaf shredder making completing yard work fun and easy

tickAn exclusive cord-lock system holds power cord firmly in place

tickHas a variable speed motor for better control; rugged metal impeller creates a fine mulch

tickSupplied with a metal impeller and variable speed motor that delivers a maximum of 235 mph air flow

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Are you looking for an electric leaf blower to tackle those massive clean-up jobs? Then consider the Toro 51599 Ultra highly effective blower vac. A variable speed 12 Amp motor allows you to select from a wide variety of speeds up to 235 mph. This means that you simply can use low speeds to clear off more delicate areas and with no extra mess and not sacrificing the blower’s higher-speed functionality.  

This Ultra blower vac offers maximum air speeds of up to 235 mph and air volume as much as 255 cfm. This power allows a user to move a substantial volume of leaves and garden debris with ease. A handy release latch allows you to convert your blower into a vacuum in seconds without any tools.

The Toro 51599 is supplied with a metal impeller that makes it straightforward to mulch debris. The blades around the impeller easily shred leaves as well as other undesirable debris into a fine mulch that you just can use about your lawn and garden.

Electric blowers are quieter then there equivalent gas models and generally need less maintenance. They start with the flick of a switch first time, every time unlike petrol blowers. There’s no messy gas-oil mixture to be concerned about, and you don’t need to contend with noxious fumes to get a job carried out.


  • Many customers sing praises about the Toro 51599 being a very light, well balanced, extremely powerful blower.
  • It is amazingly light and doesn’t strain your back whilst you are lugging it around.
  • This model has the a metal impeller as opposed to plastic in many of the lower priced blowers, a super selling point for many customers. 
  • It doesn’t get dirty and oily from a gasoline exhaust.


Some customers feel that that the ease of mobility can be sacrificed because you have a cord dragging behind you whilst moving the blower

Toro 51599 Ultra 12 on GrassCustomer Reviews

The Toro Ultra Blower does everything it promises. It will always starts when you turn the knob that is something you can’t say about gas powered garden equipment.

I wanted a leaf vacuum, not a blower but am so glad this gives me both options. It vacuums and mulches the leaves into the bag for us as compost or mulch. The variable speed is also a plus for a gravel drive or walkway. It’s durable and powerful.

J Weber, Amazon Customer Review

Finally no more raking. This works great at mulching and vacuuming leaves at the same time. I thought the blower on this was a little weak. I use a separate blower to blow into a pile and then use this to vacuum up the pile. My neighbor saw me using this and finally bought one for himself.

Rose, Amazon Customer Review

This blower is plenty powerful for my yard needs. I bought a 100ft extension cord and I’m able to blow leaves from my yard (I live in the city limits). The vacuuming aspect of it also works fine, although I tend not to use it so much. I’m definitely glad that I got this instead of a stinky/polluting gas powered one.

C Kroll, Amazon Customer Review

The Toro 51599 Blower has been reviewed by 1520 customers on Amazon and has been given a impressive customer score of 4.4 out of 5.0. Click here to read more verified customer reviews on Amazon.


You just cannot go wrong with this blower at this price. It works great for blowing leaves or debris. The metal impeller in this model is a great feature it will suck up twigs and bits of mulch without worry.

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